Seattle Has Numerous Activities To Carry Out

Visitors to Seattle can expect to fill their days with sightseeing and great museums. Walk along the waterfront from Pioneer Square to Pike Place Market and explore all the unique shops along the way. Pike Place Market, one of the oldest continuous markets in the country, has dozens of shops on three levels. Start at the open air market on the highest level, get some flowers and watch the seafood sellers tossing fish back and forth across the counters. Head all the way down to the end for Continue Reading »


Why The Best Trips Can Be Seen In Seattle

Seattle is a cornucopia of culture, premier nightlife, art and gallery exhibits, exquisite restaurants and outdoor excursions. Seattle is a premier city to see by land, by water or by air.

If you are planning to visit Seattle, you may enjoy seeing it from up above. The Space Needle provides a rotating view of the city that can be seen even on cloudy days. Climb up and enjoy the panoramic view, have a snack at the restaurant Continue Reading »


Seattle Hotels Offer Numerous Amenities For People

If you are thinking about taking a vacation on the west coast but want something different than southern California’s sunny beaches, you should consider visiting the city of Seattle. Seattle hotels range from basic lodging to flat-out world-class luxury and everything in between. Unless your vacation is for purposes of romantic seclusion, however, you’ll find so much to do in Seattle that you won’t be spending much of your time in your hotel room.

Visitors to the city can book whale watching tours, take the ferry and explore the San Juan islands Continue Reading »


Seattle’s Favorite Coffee Shops

Seattle is a great place to live. If you just moved here there’s no doubt you’ve been looking into ADT home security, the local tax laws and school districts in your area, but what about where to go for some great (non-Starbucks) coffee? Here are a few of our favorite boutique coffee shops in and around Seattle:
Cherry Street Coffee – It’s got five locations in the Seattle area but each one has a life of its own. If you’re looking for authenticity without all the pretense you’ve got to hit this place up after a Thursday art walk.
Victrola Coffee Makers – Located on Capitol Hill, this is the place where people who know coffee hang out> you can get anything and everything you want here and with the expert baristos behind the bar you’d be best asking for a recommendation.
Java Bean – This place is like Caribou Coffee without all the chainy-ness. There are antlers and a lot of people with beards milling around but hey, that’s probably something you can say about most of the coffee shops in Seattle.


Seattle Can Allow For A Great Vacation

Seattle, Washington, also known as the Emerald City, is an ideal destination for solo travelers and families who enjoy a vibrant mix of nature, history, art, food, and culture. The city, considered to be the largest in the Pacific Northwest, is interestingly sandwiched between several amazing bodies of water, including Lake Union and Puget Sound.

Nature and outdoor activity enthusiasts will surely appreciate the amazing parks, gardens, and arboretums dotting the city. These parks offer good hiking, biking, bird-watching, and camping opportunities, and spectacular sceneries and views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.

Seattle downtown is another must see destination. Continue Reading »


What To Do When Visiting Seattle

Seattle has plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Start your visit off right with the Space Needle. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the needle is 605 feet tall and will give you a magnificent view of the city below. Stop in for a bite to eat at the Sky City Restaurant, a unique, rotating eatery located 500 feet up.

The Seattle Aquarium is another place you don’t want to miss. See otters, seals, and a Giant Pacific Octopus up close! Enter the Underwater Continue Reading »


Wonderful Trips Can Be Had In Seattle

Seattle, Washington, the largest and northernmost city in the lower 48, has plenty of sites to see and cultures to experience. Since it is such a large city, daily tours are accessible to help you see the best and brightest sights Seattle has to offer.

Let’s Tour Seattle is one such company that offers to take you throughout the city and explain the history behind some of Seattle’s more famous sights. Take a trip to Seattle’s Pike Place Market to pick up some fresh seafood and enjoy Seattle’s fishing community. Once you’re done Continue Reading »


Seattle Vacations Can Be A Wonderful Trip

Do you have vacation time coming up? Are you wanting to plan a family vacation, but can’t all agree on where to go? Seattle vacations can be a wonderful trip. Seattle, Washington is very diverse and has many attractions, so sometimes it’s difficult to decide what all to do and where all to visit while you’re there. The Seattle Children’s Theatre is one place you must visit if you are going on vacation as a family. They feature wonderful plays written especially for children of all ages to enjoy with their families. You don’t want your husband to feel left out, so another place on your agenda is one or all of the three of the great golf courses in Seattle. With attractive landscaping and stunning scenery all year long, Seattle has some of the best golf courses in the United States. And, because it’s important that you have a great time while on vacation, don’t forget to visit the Frye Art Museum. This museum has a massive collection of German and Austrian art, including sculptures and representational paintings. Hundreds of the paintings are actually by the owners of the Frye Art Museum!Seattle, Washington has something for the whole family to enjoy and create unforgettable memories together.


Seattle Art Walk 2011

You wouldn’t expect anything less than a diverse artistic community on the city of Seattle would you; especially considering Seattle’s rich and diverse demographics. If you want to create a calendar/plan for the New Year to check out some of the city’s most popular artwalks we provide the following broad brush stroke for you to use how you will (and we hope you use it a lot!).

Ballard Artwalk (Second Saturday every month) let’s you explore some of the best Ballard galleries and businesses as they stay open late for this monthly event to showcase artists. It’s great fun and several establishments offer appetizers and drinks!Belltown Artwalk (Third Thursday every month) is home to many unique galleries and other venues such as food and music all set in a colorful neighborhood. Visit galleries for coupons that can be used at Continue Reading »


Seattle on Television

If you or someone in your family is a fan of the television series iCarly or Grey’s Anatomy you know they’re set in Seattle. But did you know there are over 20 other television shows that were set in the city? Why not take a look at some of these titles and see of you can recognize any landmarks when you’re viewing them? Now we know that some of them, like Here Come the Brides which was set in early settlement years, won’t contain landmarks, but you can bet that Frasier Crane’s skyline does!

  • Here Come the Brides (1968 1970)
  • The Night Strangler (1973 TV movie)
  • A Year in the Life (1986 1987)
  • Twin Peaks (1990 1991)
  • Davis Rules (1991 1992)
  • Almost Home (1993)
  • Frasier (1993 2004)
  • Under One Roof (1995)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1996)
  • Millennium (1996 1999)
  • Dark Angel (2002 2002) Continue Reading »