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Why Nobody actually Uses a Dining Table

Keeping up with the recent surge in trends and making notes of everything going on presently, Rupee Dollar Pound made a strike to witness an interesting point on the extinction of dining tables. In 2016, we have come to realize that nobody really uses a dining table, even after the mighty presence of one in a lot of cases.

Why is this so? We have the answer:

1. Shortage of space

With the increase in real estate prices, every square inch of space comes as a blessing upon the person living there. More and more people living in cities are facing an alarming situation with a shortage of space. Everything is so costly and out of the budget that they have to settle for a limited area to call their home.

This means that people want to decorate their home and furnish it to their optimum usage and liking. Strikethrough: Dining room. Even if there is no dining room as such, people have eliminated the idea of keeping a dining table. They would rather use up space for much more purposeful furniture or ideas. For those who bought one by the name of a ‘dining table’, that table is used for anything but dining.

2. Hurried lives and multitasking

With everyone being on the move and so much of hustle-bustle, not everyone finds the time to sit at home and eat a meal on the dining table. If they do have the required time, they spend it in multitasking. Meals are eaten on the go while surfing the internet, working, watching television, reading up the newspaper, chatting.

An increased pace in the lifestyle has definitely been one of the reasons for the demolishing of the idea of eating at the dining table.

3. Restaurants and Take-Away

Conjoining with the aforementioned point comes the ease of restaurants and their services. The absence of time or effort makes people drive up to a local café, some exquisite restaurant, or simply to a takeaway food joint.

Not only does such an activity save people time and effort, they get to choose from a wide variety of options. They eat the food of their liking. Not many can cook or are willing to devote the time and resources to cook everything. In such a situation, restaurants become a life saver. With their takeaway facility, people can pick up their food and eat at any point and place.

Of course, personal to all, there could be a host of other reasons for not being able to sit on a dining table and eat a meal. Times have changed. More and more people are working, and they do not find the time or energy to cook up a meal and it while relaxing. Through a survey conducted, The Telegraph found that almost one in three people admitted eating at the dining table only a few times a year.

Yes, people still celebrate festivals with unity. Some still keep the tradition of sitting around the dining table with the family on occasions of Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the dining table has become a piece to be kept in a museum, for it’s not used for its general purpose anymore.

Is this a sign of growth and modernity, or transgression and losing of traditions? We’d let you think on your own.


How to Clean your Kitchen in Under 15 minutes

Every time you are done with cooking, your kitchen becomes a mess, which turns your mood sour. No matter how big or small the dish is, everything is left untidy and dirty. There is nobody to help while cleaning it up. Moreover, your kitchen pulls your attention multiple times a day. But fret not, for we have got you covered. Rupee Dollar Pound has the ultimate trick guide on how to clean your kitchen in under 15 minutes.

Before you start it all, set up your timer.

1. Your cleaning supplies should be at your disposal.

For quick and efficient cleaning, you have to know what all supplies and tools you need, and you have to keep them at your disposal. This is important because trying to find them wastes your time to a core, for often times you cannot find them. Here’s a list of everything you would require to clean up your kitchen:

• Dusting cloth, Dusting spray
• All-purpose cleaner
• Rubber gloves
• Dishcloth or a Sponge/Dishwasher
• Vacuum cleaner

Once you have your basics, think of anything you require that is unique to your home and get it.

2. Start the sink

Put on your gloves and place all your unclean dishes and utensils, glasses, pots and pans in the sink. Start the water in the sink and add soap (or your dish-cleaner).

3. Clean counter

The previous step would ensure that your counter becomes free of any utensils. Yet, it remains dirty. Pick up your cleaning spray and dusting cloth, and get to the counter. It takes a maximum of 2 minutes to get your counter all clean and shining.

4. Attack the stove

Next, attack your stove with the dusting cloth. Make sure that all the buttons are off so that your safety is ensured. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds to clean your stove.

5. Every solid dirt should go in the trash

Pick up every solid thing that cannot be wiped clean and place it in the trash. Don’t let it drain down for it would create issues.

6. Go back to the sink

Pull up your attention on the sink. Wash the plates and utensils, glasses, or put them in the dishwasher. Since the sink is already filled with water, emptying the sticky remains from the utensils would not eat up your time and would be quick. If you’re manually cleaning your plates, it would take more time depending on the number.

7. Wipe them dry and place them back

Now that your utensils are clean, use a fresh cloth to wipe them dry. Instead of letting it get piled up, place the utensils back to where they belong. This would take about 5 minutes, but it depends on the number of utensils you have.

8. Wipe the floors

Do not forget your floor. On the top, you’ve cleaned everything. Now fish through the floors to get rid of dust or food particles that could’ve fallen while you were cooking. Plug in your vacuum cleaner and do it. This would take about 3-4 minutes.

9. Put everything back in its place

Now that you’ve finished cleaning and your kitchen is back to spick and span, you can put back all cleaning supplies to where they belong. Put back the kitchen towel.

We know that your kitchen is unique to you, and we respect all techniques personal to you. You now have a tidily arranged kitchen, looking fresh as new, all in under 15 minutes. Congratulations, you did a great job.


How to Make the Best Fish and Chips at Home

What is that one casual snack you’d want to instantly cook up and gobble down when you feel famished and bored? Fish and chips. So who is holding you back? Cook it up, as Rupee Dollar Pound guides you through the way.

1. Gather ye’ ingredients:

Here’s a list of all the ingredients you would require to make a batch of heavenly-tasting fish and chips at home.

• Peeled potatoes (800g) + sliced/chopped
• Flour (225g)
• Cold beer
• Baking powder (3 heaped teaspoons)
• Butter
• Lemon juice
• Sea salt (1/2 teaspoon)
• Fresh mint
• Podded peas
• Black pepper
• Sunflower oil
• White fish fillets (225g)

2. Instruments and devices?

Once you know you have all the ingredients necessary, make sure you have all the instruments, culinary devices and machines you would require to make this a fantastic meal. If you don’t, how will you ever get through making fish and chips? Here’s what you need:

• Lidded pan
• Food processor (for help, not mandatory)
• Deep fat fryer/ Large frying pan
• Whisks
• Baking tray
• Oven
• Kitchen paper
• Spoons for mixing
• Decorative plates

3. Lay it all out

Once you are done finding everything, lay it all out so that nothing goes haywire in a rush. This way, you can also ensure the machines are all clean for use, the ingredients are all ready and measured for quick cooking.

4. Begin the process of attaining glory

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do to make the best fish and chips one could at home. Follow it, and attain glory.

• Start with making the mushy peas. Put the blob of butter in a pan alongside the peas and mint (pick and chop its leaves).
• Put a lid on the pan and simmer it for approximately 10 minutes.
• Add lemon juice and put in salt and pepper to your taste.
• If you have a food processor, mash your peas. If not, mash them by hand so that they become thick and awesome for your fish to dip in.

• Next, pour sunflower oil in your large frying pan/deep fat fryer and heat it to 375º F (which is 190º C).
• With a mixture of salt and pepper, season the fish fillets (ensure that you season on both sides). Why you are doing this: excess water will, thus, be removed and the fish will be meaty and tasty.
• Use the whisk to whisk the beer, flour and baking powder in measured quantities together till it has the texture that can make it stick to whatever you coat (that is, nice and shiny).

• Pick each fish fillet, dust it with a little flour, then dip it into the batter and cover it properly while letting the excess drip off.
• Hold the fillet carefully by one hand, lower it into the oil in your frying pan. (Note: be careful so that you don’t splash the oil and burn yourself).
• Cook for 4 minutes. The batter should look golden and be crispy by then.

• Come back to the chips, and boil it in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. They would be softened, but they will have their shape.
• Drain it and leave it to steam till it’s completely dry.
• Fry it in the oil (it can be the one in which the fish was cooked) at 350ºF (which is 180ºC). When they become crispy, they will turn golden.

• Put your fish in the oven for a few minutes at 350ºF (which is 180ºC). They will now stay crisp.
• Drain chips on kitchen paper when they are done the frying.
• Season and garnish with salt, pepper or any other ingredient of your choice.
• Serve fish, peas, chips by placing them beautifully on delicate plates.

Congratulations! You just cooked a perfect dish. Feel proud, be happy, and keep cooking. We’re here to guide you on every step.

Here’s another great recipe I found on YouTube posted by James Strange.


5 Must Try Dishes In Seattle

If you live in Seattle, Washington, or are planning to visit anytime soon, we’ve got you covered when it comes to food. Rupee Dollar Pound has extensively researched and explored to tell you of five dishes you will find in Seattle that you should definitely taste. We know you will be occupied with work, but you’ve got to take out time to heighten your taste buds and explore the glory that Seattle brings in the food it makes. So here’s our list of Five Must-Try Dishes in Seattle, Washington:

1. Oysters

Seattle is acclaimed for its oysters. A host of restaurants and cafes around the city have separate oyster bars and menus that give a wide variety of shellfish to choose from. Snacking on oysters, with a sip of champagne or wine to go along can impinge upon your taste buds. What’s more, many restaurants have chefs who are more than willing to perform the art of cooking oysters in front of your eyes to take you on a magical experience. Some of the famous restaurants serving mind blowing oysters are Westward (Little Gull Oyster Bar), Elliott’s Oyster House, Taylor Shellfish Farms, The Walrus and the Carpenter.

2. Hot Dogs and Sandwiches

Time to bring out the Seattle inside of you. Keeping aside all sorts of exquisite food items, the regulars prefers hot dogs and sandwiches on the go to fill up their stomachs. Not only are they cheap and widely available, it’s almost a staple dish in the busy city of Seattle. While hot dog stands can be spotted across the city, some sandwich joints rise above the others. These include Matt’s in the Market, pastasArmandino’s Salumi, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Un Bien, Paseo, Marination.

3. Pizza and Pasta

Seattle oozes of Italian with the huge amount of restaurants that carve out pizza pasta with immense delicacy, flavor, and creativity. There’s something surprising that hits your taste buds the moment you see your dish (yes, you haven’t even tasted yet!). It’s in every perfectly cooked pasta and pizza crust. The toppings add exotic elements to heighten your experience. Some of the restaurants most famous for their Italian twists are The Independent Pizzeria, CascinaSpinasse, The Pink Door, Serious Pie, Delancey, IlCorvo, and much more.

4. Seafood

Seattle brings to you the heart of the sea – and everything tasty there. With vibrancy that outshines any, Seattle is home to a variety of water-life that provide for drool-worthy dishes – straight from clams, sea snails, trout, shrimp, salmon to seasoned fish, lobster, octopus, shellfish, alligator. Just by looks, they are so attractive that you want to attack it and gulp down all those beautiful colors and flavors. Find the best of seafood in Seattle at The Walrus and the Carpenter, Canlis, Matt’s in the Market, Toulouse Petit, Art of the Table, Hitchcock, Marination Ma Kai, Mashiko, RockCreek Seafood, and Spirits.

5. Asian Food

To experience food from all around Asia, Seattle brings you ultimate Japanese sushi, Vietnamese delicacies, Indian style ‘thali’ (Poppy), Korean noodles, and so much more. Find the best of Japanese cuisines and dishes at Maneki, Tsukushinbo (for great sushi), Shiro’s Sushi, Katsu Burger, Miyabi 45th and so much more.Ba Bar, Stateside, Greenleaf Vietnamese Restaurant, HuongBinh Vietnamese Cuisine are exclusive Vietnamese restaurants famous for its comfort food at street fares to give you a taste of congee, pho, vermicelli bowls, pork skewers. Other exquisite Asian restaurants to try out are Brimmer and Heeltap, Canlis, KedaiMakan (Malaysian food), La Bu La (Chinese to the core), Noodle Boat Thai Restaurant, Revel, Wild Ginger, Trove (Korean).


12 Unknown Facts about Seattle

You claim you are informative about Seattle, but how much do you really know? Seattle’s ports and ferries are treasures known to all; so is the fact that it is the most literate city all throughout the country. But Rupee Dollar Pound has come up with a host of interesting facts that you never knew about Seattle, Washington. Happy reading!

1. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks

That morning coffee you just can’t go on for your day without? Yes, Seattle produced the first Starbucks that has taken over the world as the largest coffee chain. You must be absolutely familiar with the deliciousness and alertness that wakes you up every morning on your way to the office in the cities. Seattle brought you this glory.

2. World’s largest floating bridge

You heard it right. The bridge that connects Seattle and Medina over Lake Washington is the world’s largest floating bridge. Called the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, it was opened in 1963 and spans over 4,750 m (the floating section is 2,310 m). It was only replaced in its floating section by 130 ft in April 2016 by reconstruction to prevent harm from the large seismic risk.

3. The first city to ‘sensational-ise’ a Beatles song over the radio

Calling out all music lovers to adhere to this very important piece of information – Seattle was the first city in all of US to play a Beatles’ song on the radio. From radio station music surveys and all restored data gained till now, The Beatles’ song ‘Please Please Me’ was first played on a radio station in Seattle and one in Chicago. From then, it spread throughout the country and the fever just hasn’t come to a halt.

4. Police on bicycles? Indeed!

Here’s a round of applause to the city that came up with the idea of the police using bicycles to catch criminals. It’s common sense – bicycles are swifter and can go through dingy lanes and rapid changes in direction. That makes it more appropriate to be used in place of cars, in some cases. The idea revolutionized from Seattle and the entire country adopted this technique of travel for police officials.

5. No Pants Light Rail Ride

Seattle is home to the wackiest and most comfortable of ideas – no pants in public. Seattleites are encouraged to not wear pants and bask in the comfort and airiness that comes with it while traveling on the subway. Talk about insanely relieving.

6. Enjoying the art of seduction

It comes not as big a surprise to a few, but Burlesque as an art of seduction took its root in the heart of Seattle, Washington. And it has known of no stop ever since. Burlesque is now an art performed throughout the country. At the Academy of Burlesque, you can easily learn to shake and work it.

7. Post Alley Gum Wall

While at Pike Place Market, don’t just divulge in eating out delicacies at all the exciting cafes and restaurants, or visit one of the biggest farmer’s markets in the country. You have more in store for you. If you go over to Lower Post Alley, you will find a wall entirely covered in chewed gum. Attached to it are trinkets, postcards, or anything tiny and personal, aside from the gum, of course. Add your own personal touch!

8. One-Eyed Troll statue up for climbing

Beneath the bridge at North Street and Troll Avenue North is a huge art statue of a one-eyed Troll crushing cars. Not only is it absurd, it brings out the entertainment in you when you get to test your climbing skills by actually getting on top of this public piece’s head.

9. Lids for Ride on rare snowfalls

Seattleites are playful and fun-loving at heart. On the rare occasions when it snows, they get out their cardboard boxes or any sort of lids that can carry their weight, and they slide down the streets on snow.

10. Market Ghost Tour

For all lovers of anything haunted, here’s calling out to you to take a real-life stroll through the Market Ghost Tour which includes sites like the city’s initial mortuary, graveyards, the bassinet of Isaac who is a baby ghost. Yes, Seattle is claimed to be haunted. Did you get the jibbers yet?

11. Chocoholic Ride

All chocoholics, hear us out for we have a delightful information for you. Seattle has a registered walking tour devoted to it’s very core to all items chocolate. It’s called The Chocolate Indulgence Tour and such gratification you won’t find elsewhere.

12. Sunglasses vs Umbrellas

In surveys that researched on most commodities used, it was found out that sunglasses were vastly purchased, yet umbrellas were cast off even through the constant season of drizzles. Seattle picks up its fashion trends, sure. Where are the umbrellas?


How to Eat Sandwiches the Right Way?

You claim yourself a foodie, yet you eat sandwiches a lot of times, are we right? Rupee Dollar Pound understands the intricate touch between every sandwich there is. Yes, it’s made in a hurry for people who are in a hurry, but we shall tell you how to eat sandwiches the right way.

It is all a matter of steps. You have to cook the buns properly, find the most suitable ingredients of your choice, garnish it, wrap it up, and then consume it. It’s all a gentle process.

1. Cooking the Buns

Choose your bread wisely. Take in factors such as health and fitness, not always just the taste. You can choose to form a wide variety of bread, or you can prepare your own dough by following easy recipes off the Internet. Then, you have to bake it to precision. You cannot burn it, and leaving it undercooked won’t give you the same satisfaction.

2. What kind of a Sandwich?

Do you want the all-time-famous club sandwich, or do you want a grill cheese sandwich, or do you want a sandwich made of your favorite ingredients? Choose what you want, and get the necessary ingredients, or inform about them to your chef.

3. Placing the ingredients

Once you’ve decided what kind of sandwich you want, you’ve got to prepare all the ingredients. Start with choosing your meat, or lack of one. Then, go on to putting it inside your sandwich. If you want to make a particular sandwich, add the ingredient. For example, beans. Next, you have to add in the sauce or toppings that you won’t. Simply meat on bread would taste dry and not heavenly, so proceed to the next step.

4. Garnishing to satisfy the taste buds

What kind of a topping do you want? Do you want mustard, or mayonnaise, or ketchup? Do you want olives, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, or any such item? Spike up your mind and choose your elements, for they will bring you to ultimate joy while eating your meal.

5. Wrapping/ Plating

Wrapping is important, don’t miss out on it. To be able to carry it to the office with you, or anywhere for that matter, wrapping is necessary for it holds together your sandwich and does not let the ingredients fall all over. If you have to eat it then and there, then place your sandwich on a plate in a beautiful manner that brings a sparkle to your eyes. You’ve done all this hard work; make it beautiful for your eyes.

6. Gobble it up, bite by bite

Sandwiches are big for your mouth, so most people prefer to eat it sideways. Take bites according to your preference, but chew slowly so you can get the taste of every element you put in. Enjoy your sandwich.

If Joey from the famous sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, were in front of you, you would know better than to disrespect your sandwich. It comes in all types and flavors. The process of making a sandwich can be simple, quick and efficient, or detailed, long and complicated. But the result will satisfy you. Recipes for all sorts are available on the Internet, and so are videos to ease your journey.

So get on to making your sandwich, or buying it, and enjoy it to the fullest!


Where and What to Eat in Seattle

The Emerald City of Washington is famous, amidst many things, of its variant food. Rupee Dollar Pound presents to you the best of Seattle when it comes to food, and where you can get it:

1. Shiro’s Sushi:

To get a wondrous blend of locally procured season fish and herbs with the classic brilliance of the Japanese cuisine brought about by the chefs, Shiro’s Sushi provides for the best Sushi in Seattle. Looking for the tastiest sushi in the city? Look no further.

2. The Walrus and the Carpenter: Fresh shucked Oysters:

Seattle presents a host of seafood carved out of delicacy to bring to you a burst of flavors, all deeply loved. The Walrus and the Carpenter have been acclaimed by the New York Times as one of the best-shucked shellfish bars of Seattle. The time spent in waiting in the line is worth it when the oyster rolls down your tongue.

3. Altura:

Varying between the usual three-course meal of blended tastes to an extravagant ‘omakase’ that furnishes 12-15 dishes, you receive every spoonful with surprise and admiration. What’s more is that a table by the chef’s counter presents a view of amazing culinary skills to leave you bedazzled. Go book your seat now.

4. Marination Ma Kai:

A splendid view of the waterfront with the local beer battered and panko crusted fries that give another dimension to the regular fish and chips is what this place is mostly known for. Their tartar sauces get you drooling all over.

5. Space Needle Skycity:

With the entirety Seattle at your feet, out the window to look at, Space Needle puts on the table a creative blend of flavors that outlaw the regulars. For fancy dining, brunches, high-class parties, this is the place to be. The panoramic revolving view of Seattle adds to the charm that the restaurant brings about.

6. Mee Sum Pastry: Curry Beef Hom Bow:

Situated at one of Seattle’s central markets to attracts all locals and tourists, Mee Sum Pastry dissolves into a blend of mixed cultures to prepare the Curry Beef Hom Bow with a specialized bar in which curry is wrapped by sweet dough. The experience is vivid.

7. Crumble and Flake: Smoked Paprika and Cheddar Croissant:

Looking for baked products to take you on a heavenly ride? You’ve come to the right place. The pastry chef’s signature baked dish is ultra cheesy with a twinge of spice – just what brings glory to the taste buds.

8. Serious Pie: Pizzas:

A thin crispy crust detected with herbs and ingredients in all the right quantities to turn a pizza into something you could marry – Serious Pie is serious about their pizzas. They bake their pizzas in an applewood-fired oven and cook it with house-cured meats, local ingredients, and toppings unheard of. To go with the pizza, you get wines and beers and house crafted sodas to enrich your experience.

9. Wild Ginger: Exotic Asian blends:

Here’s a restaurant in Seattle that takes you across Asia with its dishes. Wild Ginger is an upscale space that presents the authenticity straight from Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, China with its food. Their street food is appreciated. The unique element of the Wild Ginger is that all sorts of food are served on sticks. Gallop it down in a creative style.

10. Dough Zone Dumpling House: Jian Buns:

This cozy, well priced Dumpling House offers you on a plate dumplings that can get you to your knees. Their specialty is the crispy and juicy Jian Buns, soup dumplings and pot stickers that would leave you wanting for more. Look no further when you crave dumplings.

11. Tilikum Place Café: Dutch Baby:

Pancakes are just the most American way to kick start the day, and when you’ve got oversized, perfectly baked pancake, what could begin your day with more happiness? It’s hot, it’s puffy, it comes with the sweetness of savories. You now have a reason to wake up in the morning for breakfast!

12. Dahlia Bakery: Triple Coconut Cream Pie:

Craving for extra whipped cream with coconut and vanilla on a pie? Yes, this is magical. Dahlia’s bakery divulges the flavors of coconut in different styles to produce a three-layered pie that brings three times the joy. It’s topped with whipped cream mixed with coconut, it oozes coconut custard in the middle, and it has flaky coconut pastry at the bottom. Shoot for it, now, and leave satisfied to the core.


Charcoal Grills: Nothing Beats Old School

No matter where technological advancements are heading to in any and every sphere of life, there are certain classic things that remain intact to us and hold a special place. The food industry is no exception to such advancements in the name of modernity and development. The grilled food, especially tantalizes the taste buds, leaving no one. Charcoal grilling among others is one of the traditional ways of processing food, and it is among those, that one can never get away with, mimicking the famous saying, “Old is Gold”. Food grilled on charcoal comes with an extra baggage of flavor than the one grilled on gas, because of the smokey factor involved in here.

1. Flavored food


If the flavor is your primary concern, from grilled sandwiches to juicy steak, then, charcoal grills are made just for people like you. The smoke that charcoal grills give out from the charcoal and wood adds a smoky flavor to the food, making it juicy and tender (in the case of meat/ steak). Food prepared through any other means, even if it is made on the gas grill, tastes no better than the food made on the charcoal grill because the smokey flavor that adds a tinge to the recipe comes only with charcoal grills.

2. Hotter!

The charcoal grills can get up to highest possible temperatures because it uses charcoal and wood. This is the heat that makes the food more processed and easy to consume. Cooking food at high temperatures makes it delicious by allowing the food to absorb the flavor. Moreover, it is easily digestive and thereby, making it healthy. Moreover, the only thing one needs to do, to increase the temperature is just to add more charcoal.

3. The thrill of lighting and fire!

If you are a playful person who enjoys lighting and fire, the charcoal grill offers you all of those besides the delicious food with smoky flavors. It is the perfect option for any picnic and weekend getaways. It feels amazing to do this, especially in winters, as it allows you to enjoy the heat.

4. Portable

One can take along their charcoal grill anywhere and everywhere they want to, as they are easy and user-friendly to carry. Moreover, charcoal grills do not require any other requirements except charcoal to perform its function.

5. Safe

Flames do the job, as far as the gas grills are concerned, and these flames might result in fire accidents and henceforth, are hazardous. It is the hot coal that the charcoal grills to use, which are in fact safer, and there is less probability of occurrence of fire accidents. It easy to use it in a backyard or a balcony or anywhere one might want to take it along.

6. Cheap

Who would not own something that functions well, and is available at a low price? Charcoal grills are way cheaper than gas grills, as they have a simple mechanism that gives out the tasty food. Charcoal grills do not require much of maintenance; one might have to change the grills for a year or two. If there occurs any repair, the cost involved is very minimal, unlike gas grills.

If you want to enjoy the best food and also give a break to busy technical life by allowing yourself to play with some light and fire, it is the time for you to get a hold of a charcoal grill. Moreover, it comes with low price tags, so do not delay the buying!