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12 Unknown Facts about Seattle

You claim you are informative about Seattle, but how much do you really know? Seattle’s ports and ferries are treasures known to all; so is the fact that it is the most literate city all throughout the country. But Rupee Dollar Pound has come up with a host of interesting facts that you never knew about Seattle, Washington. Happy reading!

1. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks

That morning coffee you just can’t go on for your day without? Yes, Seattle produced the first Starbucks that has taken over the world as the largest coffee chain. You must be absolutely familiar with the deliciousness and alertness that wakes you up every morning on your way to the office in the cities. Seattle brought you this glory.

2. World’s largest floating bridge

You heard it right. The bridge that connects Seattle and Medina over Lake Washington is the world’s largest floating bridge. Called the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, it was opened in 1963 and spans over 4,750 m (the floating section is 2,310 m). It was only replaced in its floating section by 130 ft in April 2016 by reconstruction to prevent harm from the large seismic risk.

3. The first city to ‘sensational-ise’ a Beatles song over the radio

Calling out all music lovers to adhere to this very important piece of information – Seattle was the first city in all of US to play a Beatles’ song on the radio. From radio station music surveys and all restored data gained till now, The Beatles’ song ‘Please Please Me’ was first played on a radio station in Seattle and one in Chicago. From then, it spread throughout the country and the fever just hasn’t come to a halt.

4. Police on bicycles? Indeed!

Here’s a round of applause to the city that came up with the idea of the police using bicycles to catch criminals. It’s common sense – bicycles are swifter and can go through dingy lanes and rapid changes in direction. That makes it more appropriate to be used in place of cars, in some cases. The idea revolutionized from Seattle and the entire country adopted this technique of travel for police officials.

5. No Pants Light Rail Ride

Seattle is home to the wackiest and most comfortable of ideas – no pants in public. Seattleites are encouraged to not wear pants and bask in the comfort and airiness that comes with it while traveling on the subway. Talk about insanely relieving.

6. Enjoying the art of seduction

It comes not as big a surprise to a few, but Burlesque as an art of seduction took its root in the heart of Seattle, Washington. And it has known of no stop ever since. Burlesque is now an art performed throughout the country. At the Academy of Burlesque, you can easily learn to shake and work it.

7. Post Alley Gum Wall

While at Pike Place Market, don’t just divulge in eating out delicacies at all the exciting cafes and restaurants, or visit one of the biggest farmer’s markets in the country. You have more in store for you. If you go over to Lower Post Alley, you will find a wall entirely covered in chewed gum. Attached to it are trinkets, postcards, or anything tiny and personal, aside from the gum, of course. Add your own personal touch!

8. One-Eyed Troll statue up for climbing

Beneath the bridge at North Street and Troll Avenue North is a huge art statue of a one-eyed Troll crushing cars. Not only is it absurd, it brings out the entertainment in you when you get to test your climbing skills by actually getting on top of this public piece’s head.

9. Lids for Ride on rare snowfalls

Seattleites are playful and fun-loving at heart. On the rare occasions when it snows, they get out their cardboard boxes or any sort of lids that can carry their weight, and they slide down the streets on snow.

10. Market Ghost Tour

For all lovers of anything haunted, here’s calling out to you to take a real-life stroll through the Market Ghost Tour which includes sites like the city’s initial mortuary, graveyards, the bassinet of Isaac who is a baby ghost. Yes, Seattle is claimed to be haunted. Did you get the jibbers yet?

11. Chocoholic Ride

All chocoholics, hear us out for we have a delightful information for you. Seattle has a registered walking tour devoted to it’s very core to all items chocolate. It’s called The Chocolate Indulgence Tour and such gratification you won’t find elsewhere.

12. Sunglasses vs Umbrellas

In surveys that researched on most commodities used, it was found out that sunglasses were vastly purchased, yet umbrellas were cast off even through the constant season of drizzles. Seattle picks up its fashion trends, sure. Where are the umbrellas?


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