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5 Must Try Dishes In Seattle

If you live in Seattle, Washington, or are planning to visit anytime soon, we’ve got you covered when it comes to food. Rupee Dollar Pound has extensively researched and explored to tell you of five dishes you will find in Seattle that you should definitely taste. We know you will be occupied with work, but you’ve got to take out time to heighten your taste buds and explore the glory that Seattle brings in the food it makes. So here’s our list of Five Must-Try Dishes in Seattle, Washington:

1. Oysters

Seattle is acclaimed for its oysters. A host of restaurants and cafes around the city have separate oyster bars and menus that give a wide variety of shellfish to choose from. Snacking on oysters, with a sip of champagne or wine to go along can impinge upon your taste buds. What’s more, many restaurants have chefs who are more than willing to perform the art of cooking oysters in front of your eyes to take you on a magical experience. Some of the famous restaurants serving mind blowing oysters are Westward (Little Gull Oyster Bar), Elliott’s Oyster House, Taylor Shellfish Farms, The Walrus and the Carpenter.

2. Hot Dogs and Sandwiches

Time to bring out the Seattle inside of you. Keeping aside all sorts of exquisite food items, the regulars prefers hot dogs and sandwiches on the go to fill up their stomachs. Not only are they cheap and widely available, it’s almost a staple dish in the busy city of Seattle. While hot dog stands can be spotted across the city, some sandwich joints rise above the others. These include Matt’s in the Market, pastasArmandino’s Salumi, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Un Bien, Paseo, Marination.

3. Pizza and Pasta

Seattle oozes of Italian with the huge amount of restaurants that carve out pizza pasta with immense delicacy, flavor, and creativity. There’s something surprising that hits your taste buds the moment you see your dish (yes, you haven’t even tasted yet!). It’s in every perfectly cooked pasta and pizza crust. The toppings add exotic elements to heighten your experience. Some of the restaurants most famous for their Italian twists are The Independent Pizzeria, CascinaSpinasse, The Pink Door, Serious Pie, Delancey, IlCorvo, and much more.

4. Seafood

Seattle brings to you the heart of the sea – and everything tasty there. With vibrancy that outshines any, Seattle is home to a variety of water-life that provide for drool-worthy dishes – straight from clams, sea snails, trout, shrimp, salmon to seasoned fish, lobster, octopus, shellfish, alligator. Just by looks, they are so attractive that you want to attack it and gulp down all those beautiful colors and flavors. Find the best of seafood in Seattle at The Walrus and the Carpenter, Canlis, Matt’s in the Market, Toulouse Petit, Art of the Table, Hitchcock, Marination Ma Kai, Mashiko, RockCreek Seafood, and Spirits.

5. Asian Food

To experience food from all around Asia, Seattle brings you ultimate Japanese sushi, Vietnamese delicacies, Indian style ‘thali’ (Poppy), Korean noodles, and so much more. Find the best of Japanese cuisines and dishes at Maneki, Tsukushinbo (for great sushi), Shiro’s Sushi, Katsu Burger, Miyabi 45th and so much more.Ba Bar, Stateside, Greenleaf Vietnamese Restaurant, HuongBinh Vietnamese Cuisine are exclusive Vietnamese restaurants famous for its comfort food at street fares to give you a taste of congee, pho, vermicelli bowls, pork skewers. Other exquisite Asian restaurants to try out are Brimmer and Heeltap, Canlis, KedaiMakan (Malaysian food), La Bu La (Chinese to the core), Noodle Boat Thai Restaurant, Revel, Wild Ginger, Trove (Korean).


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