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Fix: Electric Smoker Keeps Turning Off

Be it any electrical appliance, be it from any high rated brand, there comes a time when the machine becomes faulty and starts giving us small but frustrating troubles. Shelling out money to the service center person each time something like this happens is not practically feasible. The costly service charge fees coupled with the fact that the warranty period has expired us think to let the appliance as it is.

Electric smokers have become quite a bit popular due to their easy handling, acceptable usage and the smoked flavor they impart to the foods in our very own yard without making a hefty trip to the restaurants. But like any other electrical equipment, they might stop working properly or get damaged. One of them being that the electric smoker keeps shutting down.

Listed below are a few fixes for this problem:

• Make sure that you are using the properly required cord and the voltage supplied to the smoker is constant, and not fluctuating.

• In most cases, one of the wires of the three- wired cable usually used is either burned or damaged. Take a screwdriver, pop the cable open and replace it.

• Sometimes, the problem lies with the type of extension cord you are using. Little ones used for small appliances like lamp etc. won’t work properly. It would work initially but would heat up after some time, increase the resistance and shut down the circuit. The smoker would work better with a ten gauge extension cord.

• It also might be the case that the control panel has been damaged. In these cases, replacement of the control panel is the only option available.

• Double check the outlet you are using to plug the smoker in. The problem might lie with the outlet itself and not with the smoker.

• Using the smoker for too long; more than the required time limit may also cause this problem. If the manual says to smoke meat only for four hours, you stop at four times and not extend the time.

• Some electric smokers have the option of auto shut-off installed inside them. Check once if the feature is activated. Shut it down if it is so.

• If you are constantly changing the temperature inside the smoker, raising it high and then suddenly bringing it down, then also you might face this problem. Best would be to choose a medium, optimum temperature that will slow cook your food.

• Another reason could be that there is a short circuit somewhere in the heating coil circuits. It may cause the smoker to become faulty. Unplug the panel and have a look at the wires.

These are just small fixes recommended for some of the common reasons due to which you might be facing this problem. If the problem still hinders you, it would be best to call up a technician or call up the company service center. Remember that all brands manufacture their appliances in different ways and it is entirely possible that your difficulty in using the smoker might not be fixed in the ways mentioned above. Sometimes, the whole appliance could be faulty, and you would have to either get it replaced or buy a new one.

I hope you enjoyed reading and some of these (and some of your own) quick tricks in mind at all times and a sharp presence of mind can make your electric smoker work out for you.

This video by Fix It Right gives a fix for one of the possible fixes in a Masterbuilt smoker.


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