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How to Clean your Kitchen in Under 15 minutes

Every time you are done with cooking, your kitchen becomes a mess, which turns your mood sour. No matter how big or small the dish is, everything is left untidy and dirty. There is nobody to help while cleaning it up. Moreover, your kitchen pulls your attention multiple times a day. But fret not, for we have got you covered. Rupee Dollar Pound has the ultimate trick guide on how to clean your kitchen in under 15 minutes.

Before you start it all, set up your timer.

1. Your cleaning supplies should be at your disposal.

For quick and efficient cleaning, you have to know what all supplies and tools you need, and you have to keep them at your disposal. This is important because trying to find them wastes your time to a core, for often times you cannot find them. Here’s a list of everything you would require to clean up your kitchen:

• Dusting cloth, Dusting spray
• All-purpose cleaner
• Rubber gloves
• Dishcloth or a Sponge/Dishwasher
• Vacuum cleaner

Once you have your basics, think of anything you require that is unique to your home and get it.

2. Start the sink

Put on your gloves and place all your unclean dishes and utensils, glasses, pots and pans in the sink. Start the water in the sink and add soap (or your dish-cleaner).

3. Clean counter

The previous step would ensure that your counter becomes free of any utensils. Yet, it remains dirty. Pick up your cleaning spray and dusting cloth, and get to the counter. It takes a maximum of 2 minutes to get your counter all clean and shining.

4. Attack the stove

Next, attack your stove with the dusting cloth. Make sure that all the buttons are off so that your safety is ensured. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds to clean your stove.

5. Every solid dirt should go in the trash

Pick up every solid thing that cannot be wiped clean and place it in the trash. Don’t let it drain down for it would create issues.

6. Go back to the sink

Pull up your attention on the sink. Wash the plates and utensils, glasses, or put them in the dishwasher. Since the sink is already filled with water, emptying the sticky remains from the utensils would not eat up your time and would be quick. If you’re manually cleaning your plates, it would take more time depending on the number.

7. Wipe them dry and place them back

Now that your utensils are clean, use a fresh cloth to wipe them dry. Instead of letting it get piled up, place the utensils back to where they belong. This would take about 5 minutes, but it depends on the number of utensils you have.

8. Wipe the floors

Do not forget your floor. On the top, you’ve cleaned everything. Now fish through the floors to get rid of dust or food particles that could’ve fallen while you were cooking. Plug in your vacuum cleaner and do it. This would take about 3-4 minutes.

9. Put everything back in its place

Now that you’ve finished cleaning and your kitchen is back to spick and span, you can put back all cleaning supplies to where they belong. Put back the kitchen towel.

We know that your kitchen is unique to you, and we respect all techniques personal to you. You now have a tidily arranged kitchen, looking fresh as new, all in under 15 minutes. Congratulations, you did a great job.


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