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How to Eat Sandwiches the Right Way?

You claim yourself a foodie, yet you eat sandwiches a lot of times, are we right? Rupee Dollar Pound understands the intricate touch between every sandwich there is. Yes, it’s made in a hurry for people who are in a hurry, but we shall tell you how to eat sandwiches the right way.

It is all a matter of steps. You have to cook the buns properly, find the most suitable ingredients of your choice, garnish it, wrap it up, and then consume it. It’s all a gentle process.

1. Cooking the Buns

Choose your bread wisely. Take in factors such as health and fitness, not always just the taste. You can choose to form a wide variety of bread, or you can prepare your own dough by following easy recipes off the Internet. Then, you have to bake it to precision. You cannot burn it, and leaving it undercooked won’t give you the same satisfaction.

2. What kind of a Sandwich?

Do you want the all-time-famous club sandwich, or do you want a grill cheese sandwich, or do you want a sandwich made of your favorite ingredients? Choose what you want, and get the necessary ingredients, or inform about them to your chef.

3. Placing the ingredients

Once you’ve decided what kind of sandwich you want, you’ve got to prepare all the ingredients. Start with choosing your meat, or lack of one. Then, go on to putting it inside your sandwich. If you want to make a particular sandwich, add the ingredient. For example, beans. Next, you have to add in the sauce or toppings that you won’t. Simply meat on bread would taste dry and not heavenly, so proceed to the next step.

4. Garnishing to satisfy the taste buds

What kind of a topping do you want? Do you want mustard, or mayonnaise, or ketchup? Do you want olives, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, or any such item? Spike up your mind and choose your elements, for they will bring you to ultimate joy while eating your meal.

5. Wrapping/ Plating

Wrapping is important, don’t miss out on it. To be able to carry it to the office with you, or anywhere for that matter, wrapping is necessary for it holds together your sandwich and does not let the ingredients fall all over. If you have to eat it then and there, then place your sandwich on a plate in a beautiful manner that brings a sparkle to your eyes. You’ve done all this hard work; make it beautiful for your eyes.

6. Gobble it up, bite by bite

Sandwiches are big for your mouth, so most people prefer to eat it sideways. Take bites according to your preference, but chew slowly so you can get the taste of every element you put in. Enjoy your sandwich.

If Joey from the famous sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, were in front of you, you would know better than to disrespect your sandwich. It comes in all types and flavors. The process of making a sandwich can be simple, quick and efficient, or detailed, long and complicated. But the result will satisfy you. Recipes for all sorts are available on the Internet, and so are videos to ease your journey.

So get on to making your sandwich, or buying it, and enjoy it to the fullest!


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