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How to Make the Best Fish and Chips at Home

What is that one casual snack you’d want to instantly cook up and gobble down when you feel famished and bored? Fish and chips. So who is holding you back? Cook it up, as Rupee Dollar Pound guides you through the way.

1. Gather ye’ ingredients:

Here’s a list of all the ingredients you would require to make a batch of heavenly-tasting fish and chips at home.

• Peeled potatoes (800g) + sliced/chopped
• Flour (225g)
• Cold beer
• Baking powder (3 heaped teaspoons)
• Butter
• Lemon juice
• Sea salt (1/2 teaspoon)
• Fresh mint
• Podded peas
• Black pepper
• Sunflower oil
• White fish fillets (225g)

2. Instruments and devices?

Once you know you have all the ingredients necessary, make sure you have all the instruments, culinary devices and machines you would require to make this a fantastic meal. If you don’t, how will you ever get through making fish and chips? Here’s what you need:

• Lidded pan
• Food processor (for help, not mandatory)
• Deep fat fryer/ Large frying pan
• Whisks
• Baking tray
• Oven
• Kitchen paper
• Spoons for mixing
• Decorative plates

3. Lay it all out

Once you are done finding everything, lay it all out so that nothing goes haywire in a rush. This way, you can also ensure the machines are all clean for use, the ingredients are all ready and measured for quick cooking.

4. Begin the process of attaining glory

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do to make the best fish and chips one could at home. Follow it, and attain glory.

• Start with making the mushy peas. Put the blob of butter in a pan alongside the peas and mint (pick and chop its leaves).
• Put a lid on the pan and simmer it for approximately 10 minutes.
• Add lemon juice and put in salt and pepper to your taste.
• If you have a food processor, mash your peas. If not, mash them by hand so that they become thick and awesome for your fish to dip in.

• Next, pour sunflower oil in your large frying pan/deep fat fryer and heat it to 375º F (which is 190º C).
• With a mixture of salt and pepper, season the fish fillets (ensure that you season on both sides). Why you are doing this: excess water will, thus, be removed and the fish will be meaty and tasty.
• Use the whisk to whisk the beer, flour and baking powder in measured quantities together till it has the texture that can make it stick to whatever you coat (that is, nice and shiny).

• Pick each fish fillet, dust it with a little flour, then dip it into the batter and cover it properly while letting the excess drip off.
• Hold the fillet carefully by one hand, lower it into the oil in your frying pan. (Note: be careful so that you don’t splash the oil and burn yourself).
• Cook for 4 minutes. The batter should look golden and be crispy by then.

• Come back to the chips, and boil it in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. They would be softened, but they will have their shape.
• Drain it and leave it to steam till it’s completely dry.
• Fry it in the oil (it can be the one in which the fish was cooked) at 350ºF (which is 180ºC). When they become crispy, they will turn golden.

• Put your fish in the oven for a few minutes at 350ºF (which is 180ºC). They will now stay crisp.
• Drain chips on kitchen paper when they are done the frying.
• Season and garnish with salt, pepper or any other ingredient of your choice.
• Serve fish, peas, chips by placing them beautifully on delicate plates.

Congratulations! You just cooked a perfect dish. Feel proud, be happy, and keep cooking. We’re here to guide you on every step.

Here’s another great recipe I found on YouTube posted by James Strange.


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