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Pellet Smoker: How to Build One in Your Backyard

People who love smoked steaks, pork, fish are my type of people and my type of people are increasing in number day by day and the mere reason behind the increase in the smoked food lovers is the blessing that we have smoke in our backyards in our own personal space and with our own smoker. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you but I know about myself I love smoked food. You know what sounds more fun to me? The fact that we can turn a grill into the best pellet grill. Want to know how? Keep reading then.

One of the best and easiest ways to make your own smoker which produces amazing smoky flavour is to turn your grill into a smoker. Let us talk about what all you would need to turn your grill into a smoker. To find the best pellet smoker reviews, you can see the comparisons on SolidGoldEats.

1. Conversion kit – don’t tell me you don’t have it conversion kits would have come along your grill they always do. You need to have a conversion kit because if you have it you can use your T-FAL GC702 Optigrill Indoor grill as both smoker and grill I’m being very honest right now if you don’t have it then arrange for it.

2. Straightforward installation –I’m very sure that the instruction booklet came with the grill use it.

These two steps were the simple ones and require your own understanding. Let’s talk about something that you would actually understand. Heard about charcoal grills? Do you know how to use it? If yes then we can continue the article, see the thing is simple if you don’t want to use charcoal and want to use pellets it’s entirely your wish. There is no harm using pellets, pellets are great too.

Let’s turn your charcoal grill reviews into a pellet smoker? Don’t you like the idea? See all you would need is a disposable foil pan, some water, wood chunks and your favorite pellets. Do you know the market is full of flavored pellets? If not then I m telling you.

Go to your backyard and start cleaning your charcoal grill once you get done with the cleaning, fill your chimney with 1/3 briquettes once the briquettes are fully lit pour your favorite pellets on one side of the grill grate. On one side of the grate put all of your pellets and on the side place your disposable pan and fill it with water. After 30 to 60 mintues when the water heats up properly and the pellets burn completely, Pour some wood chunks on the pellets and to maintain the temperature if you feel the necessity then add more pellets.

See with some creativity you turned your charcoal grill into the pellet smoker and I salute you for it. Amazing job, once you get done with reading the article do try turning your charcoal grill into a pellet smoker you don’t always need a bundle of notes to use a smoker you can build one on your own.


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