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Where and What to Eat in Seattle

The Emerald City of Washington is famous, amidst many things, of its variant food. Rupee Dollar Pound presents to you the best of Seattle when it comes to food, and where you can get it:

1. Shiro’s Sushi:

To get a wondrous blend of locally procured season fish and herbs with the classic brilliance of the Japanese cuisine brought about by the chefs, Shiro’s Sushi provides for the best Sushi in Seattle. Looking for the tastiest sushi in the city? Look no further.

2. The Walrus and the Carpenter: Fresh shucked Oysters:

Seattle presents a host of seafood carved out of delicacy to bring to you a burst of flavors, all deeply loved. The Walrus and the Carpenter have been acclaimed by the New York Times as one of the best-shucked shellfish bars of Seattle. The time spent in waiting in the line is worth it when the oyster rolls down your tongue.

3. Altura:

Varying between the usual three-course meal of blended tastes to an extravagant ‘omakase’ that furnishes 12-15 dishes, you receive every spoonful with surprise and admiration. What’s more is that a table by the chef’s counter presents a view of amazing culinary skills to leave you bedazzled. Go book your seat now.

4. Marination Ma Kai:

A splendid view of the waterfront with the local beer battered and panko crusted fries that give another dimension to the regular fish and chips is what this place is mostly known for. Their tartar sauces get you drooling all over.

5. Space Needle Skycity:

With the entirety Seattle at your feet, out the window to look at, Space Needle puts on the table a creative blend of flavors that outlaw the regulars. For fancy dining, brunches, high-class parties, this is the place to be. The panoramic revolving view of Seattle adds to the charm that the restaurant brings about.

6. Mee Sum Pastry: Curry Beef Hom Bow:

Situated at one of Seattle’s central markets to attracts all locals and tourists, Mee Sum Pastry dissolves into a blend of mixed cultures to prepare the Curry Beef Hom Bow with a specialized bar in which curry is wrapped by sweet dough. The experience is vivid.

7. Crumble and Flake: Smoked Paprika and Cheddar Croissant:

Looking for baked products to take you on a heavenly ride? You’ve come to the right place. The pastry chef’s signature baked dish is ultra cheesy with a twinge of spice – just what brings glory to the taste buds.

8. Serious Pie: Pizzas:

A thin crispy crust detected with herbs and ingredients in all the right quantities to turn a pizza into something you could marry – Serious Pie is serious about their pizzas. They bake their pizzas in an applewood-fired oven and cook it with house-cured meats, local ingredients, and toppings unheard of. To go with the pizza, you get wines and beers and house crafted sodas to enrich your experience.

9. Wild Ginger: Exotic Asian blends:

Here’s a restaurant in Seattle that takes you across Asia with its dishes. Wild Ginger is an upscale space that presents the authenticity straight from Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, China with its food. Their street food is appreciated. The unique element of the Wild Ginger is that all sorts of food are served on sticks. Gallop it down in a creative style.

10. Dough Zone Dumpling House: Jian Buns:

This cozy, well priced Dumpling House offers you on a plate dumplings that can get you to your knees. Their specialty is the crispy and juicy Jian Buns, soup dumplings and pot stickers that would leave you wanting for more. Look no further when you crave dumplings.

11. Tilikum Place Café: Dutch Baby:

Pancakes are just the most American way to kick start the day, and when you’ve got oversized, perfectly baked pancake, what could begin your day with more happiness? It’s hot, it’s puffy, it comes with the sweetness of savories. You now have a reason to wake up in the morning for breakfast!

12. Dahlia Bakery: Triple Coconut Cream Pie:

Craving for extra whipped cream with coconut and vanilla on a pie? Yes, this is magical. Dahlia’s bakery divulges the flavors of coconut in different styles to produce a three-layered pie that brings three times the joy. It’s topped with whipped cream mixed with coconut, it oozes coconut custard in the middle, and it has flaky coconut pastry at the bottom. Shoot for it, now, and leave satisfied to the core.


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