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Why Nobody actually Uses a Dining Table

Keeping up with the recent surge in trends and making notes of everything going on presently, Rupee Dollar Pound made a strike to witness an interesting point on the extinction of dining tables. In 2016, we have come to realize that nobody really uses a dining table, even after the mighty presence of one in a lot of cases.

Why is this so? We have the answer:

1. Shortage of space

With the increase in real estate prices, every square inch of space comes as a blessing upon the person living there. More and more people living in cities are facing an alarming situation with a shortage of space. Everything is so costly and out of the budget that they have to settle for a limited area to call their home.

This means that people want to decorate their home and furnish it to their optimum usage and liking. Strikethrough: Dining room. Even if there is no dining room as such, people have eliminated the idea of keeping a dining table. They would rather use up space for much more purposeful furniture or ideas. For those who bought one by the name of a ‘dining table’, that table is used for anything but dining.

2. Hurried lives and multitasking

With everyone being on the move and so much of hustle-bustle, not everyone finds the time to sit at home and eat a meal on the dining table. If they do have the required time, they spend it in multitasking. Meals are eaten on the go while surfing the internet, working, watching television, reading up the newspaper, chatting.

An increased pace in the lifestyle has definitely been one of the reasons for the demolishing of the idea of having your meals at a dining table.

3. Restaurants and Take-Away

Conjoining with the aforementioned point comes the ease of restaurants and their services. The absence of time or effort makes people drive up to a local café, some exquisite restaurant, or simply to a takeaway food joint.

Not only does such an activity save people time and effort, they get to choose from a wide variety of options. They eat the food of their liking. Not many can cook or are willing to devote the time and resources to cook everything. In such a situation, restaurants become a life saver. With their takeaway facility, people can pick up their food and eat at any point and place.

Of course, personal to all, there could be a host of other reasons for not being able to sit on a dining table and eat a meal. Times have changed. More and more people are working, and they do not find the time or energy to cook up a meal and it while relaxing.

Yes, people still celebrate festivals with unity. Some still keep the tradition of sitting around the dining table with the family on occasions of Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the dining table has become a piece to be kept in a museum, for it’s not used for its general purpose anymore.

Is this a sign of growth and modernity, or transgression and losing of traditions? We’d let you think on your own.


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